Calcium phosphate

Calcium phosphate

Calcium phosphate


Calcium phosphate is an inorganic white pigment; it is used in paintwork products to enhances anti-corrosion properties and adhesion strength. Thanks to the lamellar structure of the pigment particles, the barrier-layer effect of the coating is enhanced on the anodic area.


- Effective corrosion resistance
- Non - toxic and eco-friendly
- No emission of toxic gases when covered with steel plates for welding
- Quick drying and excellent water resistance
- Low requirements to the surface to be covered
- Strong bond between the paint and the surface
- Good retention on the base in form of coating


Calcium phosphate is intended for manufacture of anticorrosive paintwork materials based on alkyd, epoxy, acrylic resins, both water-based and organic solvents.

We can always offer you the required amount of calcium phosphate; large volumes of the product are supplied at a discounts.

Физико-химические характеристики:
Потери массы при прокаливании, % 5-12

Массовая доля соединений кальция, в пересчете на Са, %


Массовая доля соединений фосфора в пересчете на РО4, %

Массовая доля веществ растворимых в воде, %, не более


Остаток после мокрого просеивания, %, не более, на сите с сеткой 0,045


pH водной суспензии 5,0-8,0
Маслоемкость, г/100 г пигмента, не более


Диспергируемость, мкм, не более 30
Светлота тона не менее % 97
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