Red iron oxide pigment KR-140
+7 (4852) 98-58-95
+7 (4852) 98-18-95

Red iron oxide pigment KR-140

2 258x300
Basic color*
2 258x300
1:10 TiO2*

TU 20.30.21-021-88737636-2017


The red iron oxide pigment of the KR-140 is red-brown.

Due to the small size of the particles it has high indices of spreading capacity and colour strength that allows you to use less pigment to achieve the desired color.

Thanks to the neutral reaction of the pigment vehicle, it is less susceptible to fading.

The pigment of the KR-140 brand is similar in colour and physical-chemical characteristics to the Chinese pigments, manufactured by TONGCHEM.


The red iron oxide pigment of the KR-140 brand is widely used in manufacture of paintwork material, tiles, cement, concrete, bricks and paving slabs.

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Safety requirement:

The degree of impact of the red iron oxide pigment on the human body refers to the IV class of hazard according to GOST 12.1.007. The red iron oxide pigment possesses fire and explosion safety.

Physical and chemical characteristics:
Mass portion of iron compounding in recalculation to Fe2O3, %, min 96
Mass portion of volatile matters, %, max 0,5
Mass portion of matters, soluble in water, %, max 1
pH water suspension 5-8
Oil absorption, g/100g of pigment, max 28
Residue on the sieve with net 0063 0,05
Presence of good hiding power, g/m2, max 7
Dispersibility, mkm, max 30
Full color distinction ∆Е, max 1
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