Zinc Phosphate ZP
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Zinc Phosphate ZP

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2 258x300


The ZP brand of the zinc phosphate based pigment is a white synthetic inorganic pigment intended for manufacturing of anticorrosive paintwork materials based on alkyd, epoxy, acrylic resins, aqueous-based as well solvent-borne. Zinc Phosphate is easy to disperse and shows a low solubility behaviour. Excellent quality-price ratio makes the ZP brand popular among manufacturers of industrial paint material.


- Non-toxic, environmentally friendly product

- Being free of unwanted colour, the product can be used in primers and ground coats of any colour

- When introduced into a painting system, the product does not cause side effects

- When the coating composition with zinc phosphate is applied on the metal surface, a protective layer is created on the surface of the substrate, which interacting with oxygen creates phosphate complexes, protecting the metal from rusting
- Unlike organic corrosion inhibitors, the film-based coating demonstrates a lasting anti-corrosion effect


It is suitable for paints, resins, epoxy resins, polyurethanes, amino acids, acrylates, rubber. Due to low refractive power it can be used for finishing paints and primers. Easy colour bendability. Good corrosion resistance.

We can always offer you the required amount of zinc phosphate ZP, large volumes of the product are supplied at a discounts.

 Appearance White powder
1.  Loss on ignition 600°C (%) 5-12

2.  Zn content (%)

     ZnO content (%)



3.  PO4 content (%)

     P2O5 content (%)



4.  Mass fraction of substances soluble in water %, max 0,3
5.  Sieve residue - 45 μm (%), max 0,3
6.  рН water suspension 5,5-8,0

7.  Oil absorption (cm3 /100g), max

8.  Dispersibility mkm, max 20
9.  Tone light , %, min 95
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